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ACNL: Storms in Acorn

I haven’t played ACNL for at least a week, simply because I’ve had such a stress-filled and crappy few days, but I’m back!

I was surprised to see it storming in Acorn today – simply because it’s so warm here in real life 😛

I noticed some more flowers (hydrangeas?) have bloomed, and my pattern worked around the lighthouse.

I had a bit to clean up in town as it’s been neglected for a while, but there was more dandelions than weeds 😛

In the north of town, I noticed Greta’s old house plot. She just left town, and I’m not bothered. I nearly kicked her out with an Amiibo, anyway!

I also had a letter for Father’s Day, which included a red carnation. I already have a lot of these around town, but I still am putting some around the town hall.

I missed a lot of notices on the board, including the one for Father’s Day.

I also completely missed the Bug Off, but hopefully I’ll take part in next months!

While I’ve been not playing, I didn’t attend Walker’s birthday. I knew when it was on, but I couldn’t play at the time.

I caught up with up with my villagers, and Chevre asked me for a new greeting. I told her to say “you’re cute” because it should be nice for other people reading it!

Thanks for reading!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf · Nintendo

ACNL: Redesigning for Summer

Hi everyone! Contradicting the name of this post, it’s been more like winter here over the past few days in the UK. But at least that’s given me the chance to catch up with Acorn and even do some designing!

I started off my walk by meeting Rodeo, Acorn’s newest resident! As suspected, he moved from Jeff’s town of Forest.

As part of updating Acorn, I finally moved the gold and black roses from town, and hopefully I’ll be replacing them with white roses for a more summery feel!

I also decided to include a few pink roses in this part, among some white pansies.

I also replaced some dark flowers with white roses leading up to the town hall.

At home, I noticed my back room has been expanded. I’m planning on creating a garden area with this room, maybe a kind of garden centre or store?

I moved some of the back room furniture into the main room to re-do it. It looks a little messy at the moment, but it’ll be better eventually, I promise!

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back with a Zelda post on Thursday.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf · Nintendo

ACNL: Beautiful Bugs

Hi guys, and welcome back to the stories of Acorn!

Today, Bunnie asked to come over to my house, for dinner. I said yes, but I didn’t promise to cook her anything 😛

Even when we were inside, she kept asking for dinner! She also asked me to take her to another room (twice) when she hadn’t even crossed onto the carpet?

Julian asked to move out, but I refused. He’s one of my favourite villagers in Acorn at the moment.

I talked to everyone I bumped into, which happened to include Chevre. She asked me to catch her a spider, and I did try 😛 Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one.

I came across a time capsule, which turned out to be Rudy’s. Inside the time capsule, Rudy found a letter and a lively knit shirt. She then rewarded me with….a lively knit shirt, seemingly without realising it’s the same thing she just received.

I checked the notice board, only to realise I’ve missed all of the winter fishing tourneys. Oops.

I re-coloured one of my Halloween dresses to a summery theme once again! You can find a similar version (the colours may not be exactly the same) on Jeff’s QR code page.

I had a bit of money from selling fossils and other random items, and with it I managed to pay off my home loan!

I headed straight to Tom Nook and asked him to expand my back room. I’ll be able to fit more bookshelves in there then 😉

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you Tuesday.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf · Nintendo

ACNL: Butterflies For Dinner

Hi guys! I’ve managed to play both Breath of the Wild and New Leaf today, but we’re going to be talking about my New Leaf adventures!

Bunnie must have only wanted a light dinner, because she wanted a butterfly! It’s a bit late for dinner…but time does fly 😛

Sheldon was missing hanging out with egg, and me. Maybe I’ll cook him dinner so we can all hang out.

I went to the museum to have the few fossils I found examined, and while I was there I updated my dream town. It might be a little rainy in your dreams, but oh well 😛 In a way, I think my forest-like town suits the rain!

I also popped into the Happy Home Showcase, where I had a few people to catch up with!

I must have not checked this for a while, because I found Amy in the top corner! Hi Amy 🙂

I went to the cafe, and Julian told me he liked Brewster’s coffee so much, he cried a the taste. That was enough to make me sit down for a cup 😛

I chose Blue Mountain beans, but Brewster got mad at me when I tried to let it cool. Apparently, neither me or Julian are refined!

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back soon with another post.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf · Nintendo

ACNL: Missing Bunnie’s Birthday

Life has been a little quiet in Acorn, but I still have a few stories for you guys.

The other night, I saw Tangy in the campsite. I wanted to try and get her in Acorn, but unfortunately I forgot later in the day!

 Jeff came over for a quick visit, and decided to trap Bunnie 😛 What did she ever do to you? 😉

Today, Chai told me we should be dressed up 😛 At least I’m trying…I’m wearing a skirt, right?

I managed to talk to some villagers I missed when I played last time – including Bunnie! Some were mad at me, some missed me 😛

I saw Katrina in the plaza, but unfortunately I just missed out. Again.

While wandering around town, I considered changing this area of town. I’d like more yellow flowers up here for summer!

I checked the notice board, and found out that I missed Bunnie’s birthday. Oops!

I walked up to the campsite once again, and I found something I didn’t want to see. A frog 😛

Bunnie pinged me, and told me she wants to bloom, for dinner. She also asked to move out, and I refused.

Thanks for reading!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf · Nintendo

ACNL: Sunset Wander

I haven’t played New Leaf for a few days, but I wanted to take a wander this evening and check in with all of my villagers!

I love the sunsets in this game, although I wish the time changed throughout the year instead of staying at 6pm-7pm all year 😛

I spotted Rudy just below his house, and it kind of surprised me. He was the first villager I’d seen and I’d kind of forgotten he moved in!

I made sure to talk to him, and he wanted me to bury a time capsule. I agreed, and buried it just to the left. Hopefully nothing will be planted there 😛

The rest of Acorn seemed pretty quiet, and I focused on cleaning up the town. I found the fake rock easily just below Re-Tail, as it was really near a real rock!

I found Sheldon on the other side of town, and he asked to move. I refused, as I like having squirrels in town 😛

I headed up to Main Street, donated a painting and had some fossils identified. I also checked my latest dream visitor, which was JazzCool from TechnoHD! Thanks for visiting.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back over the weekend with another post 🙂

Animal Crossing: New Leaf · Nintendo

ACNL: Weeding Day 2017

Hi guys! As you may know, yesterday was Weeding Day in NL. I made sure to play on both of my cards.

In Acorn, my main town, I only had one weed!

While hunting for this lone weed, I found a house plot! It’s for Rudy the cat. I’m not bothered about him either way, if I’m honest.

It took a while, and the lonesome weed happened to be very hidden 😛 Can you see it?

Lief gave me a cosmos fan as a reward for finding the weed.

I then swapped cards and played on Arrested, which I own with Jeff. I found another house plot there, for Olaf the anteater!

There were more weeds in Arrested, as I’d let them grow in preparation for Weeding Day.

It didn’t take me long (and only one walk round) to find all of the weeds. Leif rewarded me with a violet screen.

I then loaded the game with Lucille and Tobias, which meant I could get the rose sofa and another cosmos fan. I’d have liked a different piece of furniture rather than another fan, but oh well!

Back in Acorn, I changed the time to 6am. I love the hazy, misty early-morning skies.

This allowed me to receive the topiaries from Leif, as I didn’t have any weeds in town at all!

As I had reloaded the game on what was essentially a new day, I went to meet Rudy. I honestly thought it was a girl before this moment 😛

Thanks for reading! See you soon.