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ACHHD: Beau and Marcie

I decided to play ACHHD today, and as soon as I started up the game I spotted Beau. I used to have Beau in my first town, and I just loved him. It was easy to know that I was going to design for him!

I knew I needed to create his house in a mountain area, and I eventually settled on this one.

Beau’s theme was perfect for him – food and the outdoors! Sounds pretty good, actually.

It took me a while, but I eventually designed a dark, sunset-y campsite with a picnic area.

I also designed the roof with ivy and filled the rest of the space with plants.

Outside, I went for a simple picnic bench and some plants. Unfortunately this particular area doesn’t have much outdoor space – I should remember that 😛

I made sure to include some seating, a good picnic area and an area for sleeping.

I continued the game and had to decide between a home for jam sessions or a nursery school. I chose the nursery!

I wanted a relaxing place, near to a train track. Although you can’t see the track, it is just off to the right.

I did end up nearer to a track, though, with the river running just below!

I made sure to design the building with a nice, kid friendly vibe 😛

Inside, the furniture I was given seemed very pink. I could have changed the colour, but I decided to go with the theme!

I chose mostly pink furniture, wallpaper and even lights. I tried not to go overboard, and I think it worked.

Outside was pretty simple too, and I focused on blue and pink.

As with Beau’s house, you can visit either by scanning the QR code in the pictures!

Thanks, and see you next time.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer · Nintendo

HHD: Cranston’s Rice Field

Instead of playing New Leaf, I decided to play Happy Home Designer! It’s been a while, so I thought it was about time to design some more houses.

One of the options I had was an underwater fantasy land.

The other option I had was to create a studio, but I wasn’t too keen on either. I had a little wander to see if there was another option.

I did have another choice – a rice paddy! I chose this one.

I decided to place this house on one of the biggest plots available.

Once I got to the plot, I was reminded of my task.

Inside, I created a living area based on a kitchen. I used mainly natural looking furniture, including a tatami bed and bamboo bench!

Outside, I did the only natural thing – filled the yard with crops! I also used a few of the new pieces I unlocked, including a tractor.

When I finished the design, I went to visit a few of the other animals I’ve designed for. I ended up in Diana’s house!

I took a few photos her house, as it’s definitely one of my favourite designs.

I made sure to take a few photos in there and post them on my Tumblr – it needed updating!

Thanks for reading!

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer · Nintendo

HHD: Sweets and a Princess

 The other day, I decided to create a ‘chocolate overload’ themed house for Carmen. I put her house in winter, as I hardly ever use it and always go for spring 😛

 Her needed items were chocolate and chocolate cake. Sounds like my needs, too!

 I decorated with a sweets wall and floor, some marshmallow chairs and a lot of chocolate themed food.

 At one end, I placed the giant candy house from a previous monthly challenge.

 I also made sure to include the desserts case for any new cafe customers!

 Outside, I focused on using my sweets path and the colourful fairy light covered trees. Tempted to try some treats? Scan the QR above!

 Today, I had a lot of challenges I’d like to do. The first sounded interesting – a whole house about bananas? Does Mr Bananagrabber live there?

 I also liked the look of Dizzy’s theme, a playground!

 But the one I liked most was this one – a luxury mix for a luxury goat.

 I decided to place Pashmina’s house near the train track so she can travel to the city quickly (for shopping, of course).

 Her theme was centered around gorgeous and rococo furniture, but I did also add some princess.

 I used a real mix with this house, but I didn’t want to make it too dark.

To balance it out, I used a couple of light princess items and the princess wall and rug! I think this should be fancy enough for her 😛

 In the smaller room, I added a nice retreat for Pashmina. It might not include rococo or gorgeous furniture, but I‘d still be happy with it!


Outside, I tried to reflect some of the luxuriousness of the inside. Want to visit this sumptuous mansion? Scan the QR above!

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back over the weekend with a NL episode!

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer · Nintendo

HHD: Challenge & Chow

I’ve been played so much NL recently that I’ve basically forgotten about HHD. But I’m back with another entry after too many months!

 This months challenge had a few interesting items. I like the teacups, but not the monitor.

 I decided to recolour the teacups and go for a Valentine’s feel.

 Outside, I went all out! I ended up with a colourful and fun mix.

 Inside, I tried to combine lunar and princess items. I’m not sure if regal sci fi works, but that’s what I tried 😛

 I visited an interesting house for the challenge.

 I like the way they divided the room in half, I honestly thought they’d somehow got mirrors in the room somehow 😛

 Maybe this isn’t the best angle, but can you see how clever that is?!

 I played another day to design a normal villagers house. I ended up with Chow as I thought a ‘humble home’ sounded better than a house based around stew 😛

 I didn’t know where to base his house, so I put it in the rain to give more of a variety (I always use spring).

 Chow’s default house was a shed. I immediately changed that to a nice wooden cabin – I understand from caravaning that metal roofs and rain don’t go well together.

Inside wasn’t much better – it actually just looked like the inside of a typical metal shed. With a random futon. Surely Chow deserves better than this?

 I tried my best to make the futon look attractive and work around that. I even made a special gingham design for his house!

 What is that face? Please explain.

 In the bathroom, Chow seemed to like the washing machine 😛

 I visited Chow’s house in the evening too, and it actually looks nice in the low light.

 I made sure to take a few little tumblr style photos while I visited 😛

But taking photos in the bathroom with both me and Chow in there was basically impossible – so this is all you get!

Thanks for reading, see you next time with another NL post!

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer · Animal Crossing: New Leaf

ACNL: Naughty-or-Nice?

On Sunday, I put the tranquil bridge in my basement. I’m definitely going to keep it in here for a while – I really think it fits this room!

 I also borrowed the Kerokerokeroppi Tray which is due to go to Jeff! It looks cute on the floor as a side-table though 🙂

 I saw a note for the fishing tourney on the board. Hopefully I won’t miss it again this time.

 I also spotted a note for Naughty-or-Nice day, which was yesterday.

 On Monday, I saw Julian for the first time in town!

 I also spotted two little squirrels hanging out.

 Yesterday, Blathers finally told me a cafe would be good for acorn!

 But Sod’s law, I couldn’t start the donations for the cafe with Naughty-or-Nice Day on!

 I made sure to collect the Holiday Stocking from Isabelle.

 And stop (on my own) to look through the faceboard 😛

 Back at home, I added the stocking to my tiny festive display!

Today I’ve only breifly loaded up the game, but I spotted snow! Hopefully it’ll still be snowing when I play now.

Thanks for reading! See you in a couple of days.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer · Nintendo

ACHHD: Peaches

 I headed onto Happy Home Designer for the first time in a couple of weeks.

 As Peaches wanted round furniture, I also went for a round location.

 The furniture unlocked in this project was the round cactus, an outdoor light and topiary.

 Inside was pretty mixed, using any round or polka-dotted furniture I could find!

 I love how Peaches started shaking her maracas as soon as I left.

 In the bathroom, I used the whirlpool bath and a few round cacti!

I re-visted Peaches’ when I finished for the day, and I like how the outside looks!

Thanks for reading. I’ll be back over the weekend with another NL post.