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ACNL: Storms in Acorn

I haven’t played ACNL for at least a week, simply because I’ve had such a stress-filled and crappy few days, but I’m back!

I was surprised to see it storming in Acorn today – simply because it’s so warm here in real life 😛

I noticed some more flowers (hydrangeas?) have bloomed, and my pattern worked around the lighthouse.

I had a bit to clean up in town as it’s been neglected for a while, but there was more dandelions than weeds 😛

In the north of town, I noticed Greta’s old house plot. She just left town, and I’m not bothered. I nearly kicked her out with an Amiibo, anyway!

I also had a letter for Father’s Day, which included a red carnation. I already have a lot of these around town, but I still am putting some around the town hall.

I missed a lot of notices on the board, including the one for Father’s Day.

I also completely missed the Bug Off, but hopefully I’ll take part in next months!

While I’ve been not playing, I didn’t attend Walker’s birthday. I knew when it was on, but I couldn’t play at the time.

I caught up with up with my villagers, and Chevre asked me for a new greeting. I told her to say “you’re cute” because it should be nice for other people reading it!

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “ACNL: Storms in Acorn

  1. Sadly, greetings are just for you and the neighbor who asks for them. If you want other people to be told they’re cute, you’ll have to make that someone’s catchphrase. :/
    Yep, those are hydrangeas!
    Also, lucky you, having nice weather IRL. Here it’s been pretty crappy lately. I want my warm summer sun back! ;~;


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